I Sewed it, Now What!? Hudson Pants from True Bias

hudson pants 1Once I saw this pattern by Kelli over at True Bias for the Hudson Pants, I knew it would have to go on my must sew list. I meant to have these finished up during December, however, the crazy flu or 14 day illness really cut into my sewing time (plus getting engaged and married within a week!). So the pants went to the back burner. I had picked up this knit fabric at one of our local fabric stores and it reminded me of a gingerbread house, hence why I thought these would rock for Christmas… So, a few weeks ago I finally managed to make some time and get them made.

hudson pants 2It was a fairly quick sew (after one trip to the fabric store for elastic) and matching up the stripes was pretty fun. The only problem I really encountered was the fact that I made them way to big…. like 2 or 3 sizes to big.  Anyways, after a little fix with the waistband they were small enough to stay on.

So far, I wear them quite often around the house as my “loungers”. I have a habit of changing into comfy pants the minute I get home, I hate wearing jeans around the house. It annoys me. These pants are perfect for bumming around my house while doing laundry, baking, catching up on Vikings, etc.  Not only that S, is really craving a matching pair and I have enough fabric left plus her birthday is coming up.

I already have plans to make a few more pairs and I really want to make a calf length pair for the warmer weather that is coming. I am already on the hunt for the perfect sweatshirt knit fabric.


  • The pockets  **Seriously, probably my favorite part!
  • They were easy and quick to put together and I mostly used my serger.
  • I love the cuffs
  • They have lots of professional finishes and details


  • The fact that I messed up on the sizing was a bummer, but completely my fault.
  • I also sewed my cuffs on upside down….

hudson pants 3

The Details

Size // 18 but next time I think I am going to size down to a 14 or 12

Length // Pants length, **I added 2″ in length

Modifications // I omitted the drawstring

Fabric // random knit

Pattern // Hudson Pants from True Bias


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