An “Eleanor” for Spring

eleanor1The other day, I had picked up some creme lightweight sweater knit off of a clearance table. It was one of those “awesome” find moments when you’re digging through the piles of picked over clearance piles of fabric in the big box stores. Sometimes you hit a “gem” and more often than not, you don’t.  I, for one, always love the hunt.

Anyways, I immediately bought 4.5 yards (so, yes you will be seeing more of this fabric in the near future) and knew I would make at least one “Eleanor” out of it. For this version of “Eleanor”, I stuck to my favorite version: hip length with long sleeves. I barely hemmed the sleeves (I love them long right towards the end of my thumb) and it has already been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe. In fact, I am wearing it while I am typing this post up. **As a quick side note: in the pattern the sleeves are all long, I like to scrunch them up also I really loathe when sleeves are too short. I find it easier to have a more length and hem to desired length instead of trying to add more with a cuff or something. **

eleanor2So far, I think that this version of the cardigan is going to be great for my spring wardrobe transition and I think it will look awesome in the summer evenings over a dress or tank top with shorts. The cardigan is insanely cozy and is one of my favorite last minute additions to many different outfits.

I also picked up a new wireless remote for my camera which is making taking photos about a million times easier, but now I probably need to work on my modeling skills…. lol

eleanor3Don’t forget to grab your copy of “Eleanor” on sale right now through the end of Valentine’s day!

**no coupon necessary ends at midnight February 14, 2015 MST**

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