When do you sew?

Cover stitch

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. When do I love to be creative? When is the best time of day for my sewing time? How can I be more productive when working on my projects and patterns?

For one, I am striving to “shake” this year up and fill it up with “passion” (my word for the year). I have a big goal for the amount of patterns I want to get out this year, along with a lot more in the works. In order, to get out as many patterns as I want I need to fit in lots of sewing.

The thing is I am not a good “night-time sewist”. Seriously, night-time sewing fills me with many seam ripper induced moments along with endless frustration complete with under-my-breath mumbling. I am an excellent “morning sewist”, however, it’s my jam! Fewer mistakes, faster sewing, and usually better looking finished products. My sewing steam usually makes it into mid-afternoon.

So with that in mind, I am really making it a priority to start heading to the studio bright and early at least twice a week. In order to make it happen, I am working on a getting things prepped and organized in advance. Sticking to a schedule, keeping organized (hello, day designer!), and making sure when I leave the studio I have things ready for the next sewing filled day. So far a lot of these things are helping me to get more done.

It leads me to wonder when is your favorite time to sew? Nap-times? Evenings? Mornings? How do you squeeze in as much sewing as you can?

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