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Studio tour

My studio is where I generally spend my time sewing and working on the patterns or my handmade wardrobe. Since, I am busy working on getting the next pattern out and spending a little more time in the studio, I thought it would be fun to share my sewing space.


This is where my inspiration board is and the city on the wall was actually from one of our valentine cards. I drew out a city on cardboard and cut it out as a background for the card. I still add things to it. Those are 4 of my 9 dress forms. Where the dress forms are in the corner is actually where I do my indoor photo shoots. My dad hung some clips on the wall to hold backdrops. So far it has worked out really well.

When you turn around from looking at the wall this is what you see:


I have quite a bit of space and trust me this is pretty neat and tidy for me. (The other side is still quite messy where I have the wardrobe racks my boyfriend, now husband made me last year along with a tv where I frequently watch Murder, She Wrote or Golden Girls, keeps me in the sewing zone).

I also have a bookshelf set up over on the other side for all my books and other odds and ends.

The cutting table is also where I store some of my fabric stash, supplies, WIPs, and whole bunch of other random stuff for projects (I might be a slight hoarder).

Here’s a better look at my pressing and sewing areas:


My dad scored me a steamer at a local restore for an awesome deal! It is possibly my favorite newest addition to that area. On my sewing table there are 4 sewing machines (I actually have a couple more, but don’t really use them as often.) My mom’s is the one that has the cover on. (She usually sews up the at least one of the sample’s for me and tests the instructions before I send it to pattern tester’s. She is my first round of pattern testing and she edits the instructions as she goes, it’s pretty amazing!)

I have my sewing machine (it’s a brother that is one it’s last leg, I need to upgrade to something better this year hopefully). Next to it is my serger and on the other side by my mom’s machine is my cover-stitch machine which I simply adore! We have rolling office chairs so I am often rolling from machine to machine. It’s a compact area.

Anyways, there is a peek into my sewing area. There are just a few areas that I didn’t show you because they have the new designs hanging or in various stages of planning and I have to keep an element of surprise!

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