The only handmade gifts I managed to get finished before Christmas…

I only managed to get a few handmade gifts done before Christmas and they were literally made/started and finished in about the 3 days before Christmas Eve. After the crazy flu/cold/hold-me-up-on-all-my-holiday-game-plans illness of early December, I really had to narrow down what were the most important and what I could actually get finished in the few days before Christmas. Let’s face it, I had to be on real-sewing-time not fantasy-sewing-time. So here’s what went down:

Fleece Infinity Scarf for S:

Zebra scarf

This was the fastest of all the projects and I found a remnant of this zebra print lace at Jo-anns. I think the cost was around $3.00. It was a winner and went in her stocking. It’s soft and she is getting lots of wear out of it, plus it is zebra print (her favorite of all time).

The next thing that I knew I needed wanted was to make a Christmas Eve present! I knew that pjs were a must! Along with some fun pillows and a movie for them to watch on Christmas Eve night. So, in all my years of hoarding, I remembered that when I was a kid one year I made my cousins some really awesome felt pillows and lucky me my mom saved the patterns. I proceeded to hoard hang onto them for years. I made S a pair of sunglasses and I made X a surfboard.


They turned out awesome and lucky me I had all the felt in my stash. These came together in just a few hours.

Next up were Christmas Eve pjs that coordinated but not necessarily matched in style. One girly and one boy-ey (if that’s even a word). First of all I had scored a major deal on some sweater knit at Jo-anns, I bought all the had left and made an “Eleanor” cardigan from it and still had several yard left. I knew it would make for great Christmas Eve pjs, and would work year round.

Christmas Eve pjs:

Pants and shorts 1

I made X some really simple shorts from a pattern I had in my stash– I can’t remember who it’s by but the size I made for him I really had to make quite a few adjustments because once I made them they were huge! Otherwise they were a straight forward and really fast short pattern and I will probably try and make some more for him to wear in the spring and summer.

For S, I used the Greenstyle Girls’ Everyday Yoga Pant in a size Medium. I did make a few adjustments to the pattern, I tapered the legs in to make them more like regular leggings and I added cuffs to the bottoms. That turned out to be a great addition because they would have been to short if I hadn’t.

Here’s a better picture of the cuff and the foldover waistband:


They ended up to be perfect and the sweater knit isn’t see through so these have moved up from the pj world and she has been wearing them with some tunic style tops. I already have requests for more and hopefully I can get a few more pairs made this month.

Christmas pjs

For the shirts I took the quick and easy way out and picked them up at Old Navy. I think that they worked out really well and all the handmade items are in heavy rotation around here. I call that a win!

So there you have it, all the gifts I managed to get made before Christmas. This year I plan to start much early, probably like July!

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