Right now… Mid-January Edition


loving // this fresh stack of fabric that I picked up last week! I can’t wait to dig in and get some clothing made!

finishing // the first round of samples for the next pattern. I am still hoping to have it released by the end of the month! So it looks like I am going to have to buckle down and get it ready to go to testers by the end of the week. Luckily, it is a fast one to put together!

sewing // samples after sample of the next pattern. I need to make one more just to double check a few things before I can get it ready to send off to testers.

drafting // out a major to-do list for projects for the next month or so. Plus, we are busy planning our “wedding celebration” which is going to be filled with some DIY projects 🙂

obsessing // cleaning out and purging all sorts of areas in our home, I am really trying to make some adjustments so that we are using the space we have better for what we need it for. I managed to really cleanout my closet and purged another bag of unworn, un-needed items.

wishing // I had a little bit more time in the month. The month is going by way to quickly!

reading // my stack of monthly magazines and attempting to catch up on some blog reading.

writing // out pattern instructions and a new tutorial that is going up this week on the blog.

devouring // coffee, enough said.

baking // a no-bake frozen hot chocolate cheesecake! It was so good and came together really quickly.

watching // Alaska: The Last Frontier and waiting for some more of our favorite shows to start up Salem, Sleepy Hollow, and Vikings

creating // holiday decor for around the house.

listening // to my endless supply of podcasts while working out. I am so far behind in listening to them I need to get some checked off the list…

dreaming // setting up a work out area in the garage. I am really working on taking better care of my self and I would love to have a dedicated area for working out that I don’t have to set up and take down all the time.

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