1/52 Introducing Saturday Studio Sketches

1 of 52 Ava

1/52 "Ava"

Original: Marker on Vellum

Illustrated in 2004

Find in my society6 shop: art prints, phone cases, and mugs

This year I really wanted embrace one of my favorite parts of the design process which is sketching! In fashion design school, fashion illustration was always one of my favorite parts. I seriously could sketch for hours.

In my personal goals for the year that I came up with in November, I wanted to make sure I was spending some time sketching or sharing some of my previous sketches from years past. This led up to the concept of Saturday Studio Sketches.

Every Saturday, I will be sharing a piece of illustrated art made by me which will be available in my society6 shop in various forms. All of the illustrations will have to do with fashion and/or sewing. I am excited to see where this endeavor leads since it has been forever since I have spent much time sketching. I am hoping by the end of the year I will end up with 52 lovely pieces of illustrated work shared here in this space as well as in the society6 shop

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