The time I made 12 hats and 14 scarves…

my mom is one of those amazing teachers out there who is always going above and beyond. (I might be a little biased but she really is the best!) This year we brainstormed some gift ideas for the kids in her class and we came up with an awesome idea. Hats for the boys and scarves for the girls with their initials on them. We bought the iron on transfer, the fabric, ran the fabric through the washer, and we were ready to roll.

Then I got sick….over 12 days of not feeling well which really put a damper on our project making. As a team, we got the scarves done a little over a week ago minus the initials.


Details: Jersey knit from Joanns; Infinity scarf tutorial found here; Measurements: 12" x WOF; DecoFabric White Fabric Marker

The hats I cut, assembled, and finished on Wednesday afternoon.


Details: Jersey knit from Joanns; "Frost" Children's Beanie free pattern found here; Marvy Uchida Black Fabric Marker

Now for my biggest hurdle with this project…. we had purchased the iron-on transfer roll for using with my Cricut. However, I didn't take into consideration that I had the original Cricut and there would be no way to reverse the image to make the transfer work… project idea fail #1. then I decided I would try using my Sizzix to die cut out the initials… project idea fail #2. I was losing steam on the initial idea, so I tried to come up with project idea #3 (that just had to work!): fabric markers and a stencil.

After a quick trip to Michael's, I ended up with one white fabric marker and one black fabric marker along with some alphabet stencils. I quickly did a test on some scrap jersey…


And it worked! Thank goodness ,since this simple project ended up with several somewhat annoying stumbling blocks during the process. The black marker worked a better than the white, but overall I was happy with the results. The best part is that the kids in my mom's class loved them and in the end that is all that really matters!

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