Right Now… Mid-December Edition


loving // how I am finally feeling like I am on the upswing of what ever cold/flu/seriously-knocked-me-off-my-feet thing that I have. Now that I am on Day 9 of this cold and the medicine is finally helping I have a lot more faith that I am going to be feeling better sooner than later.

finishing // a whole lot of nothing, except finishing decorating our home for the holidays which is one of my favorite things of all time! Bernard, our elf has even reappeared 🙂

sewing // the only thing that has been made is my fur tree skirt but I have a feeling next week I am going to be spending most of it at my sewing machine.

drafting // a nice long catch-up to do list with a bit more editing because I am really going to have to move on to Plan B of most of my holiday projects which is totally ok.

obsessing // over all the holiday lights hung up everywhere. It's just so magical, the holiday spirit and all that comes with it! It's just an amazing feeling that anything is possible, I don't know how to to really describe it, but I probably have been watching quite a few Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel ;)!

wishing // that the rest of December and holiday season goes along without anymore colds/flus/etc. 

reading // a lot of my favorite blogs, I have been a bit behind on and have finally got caught up with most of them.

writing // out this month's newsletter that will be ended to your inboxes in the next couple of days! Sign up in the right sidebar if you haven't already.

devouring // lots of water, apple juice, and tea.

baking // nothing, so that means this weekend I am going to have to make a big comeback

watching // everything that has been backed up on the dvr, but I was so obsessed with the Fashion Fund! I seriously love that show and am sad that the season is already over ;(

creating // a game plan for the next couple of month's! Lots of fun things are coming to kzjostudio in the next coming months

listening // Christmas music, on repeat…

dreaming // of a White Christmas of course

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