Wow, this Christmas was more than I could have even dreamed of, one that will be in the record books forever. First of all, I had an amazing time celebrating with my family and eating lots of yummy foods, prime rib, mashed potatoes, brownies, etc. The kiddos loved all their gifts, even the ones I managed to make and crank out in record time (handmade gift recap is going to be in its own post). I couldn't have been more excited!

The boyfriend surprised me with a North Face Vest that I had been coveting for over 10 years or so on Christmas Eve… seriously I was/and still am so amped about it and have worn it every day since. It fits perfectly into my wardrobe and I adore it! I didn't think that this Christmas could get any better….


Then this amazing guy made an epic "Hallmark" movie worthy proposal on Christmas night. (I am a total crazy "Hallmark" movie person and a total believer of all the "magic" in the season with a hardy helping of twinkle lights!) It was unexpected and I was completely surprised and there aren't any photos of it which is totally ok with me, since my mom snapped this one of us earlier in the day (it's my new favorite photo of us!) Of course, I said yes! in between my crazy happy tears. The whole thing was so exciting and now we are happily engaged. I knew 2015 was going to be full of amazingness I just didn't know how much. :) 

It's going to be a little quite around here on the blog until right after the New Year, but I have some big plans for this little space and I can't wait to start sharing!

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