A Faux Fur Mini-Tree Skirt and Why I Have Been Unintentionally MIA

Paris tree 1

Whoa, seriously only one week into December and I got a major, cold/flu/who-knows-what, but it has really knocked the productive wind out of me. (It seems like almost every holiday season I come down with something crazy.)

Between all the coughing and blowing my nose it has really been rest central around here, which is the hardest thing in the world for me: sitting and resting and not really doing much of anything. I did finally manage to get our house decorated and picked up from all the holiday boxes I had all over the place. I am really trying not to push myself to hard, so it has been a lot of do one small task then sit and rest, then repeat.

As for holiday projects, I am behind on the entire list, so it will be a mad dash to get them finished up once I feel better or if all else fails I will move on to plan B. Yesterday, I did manage to work up the energy to finish up one quick project: a faux mini tree skirt for my mini Paris themed tree! I have to admit I love how it turned out.

Paris tree 2

It took me less than 30 mins, used up some fur I have had in my fabric stash for the last 10 years (I know this because I used the fur in fashion school to make a hat, seriously I love to save things especially fabric. You never know when it will come in handy!), the bottom side is some cranberry cotton I also had in my stash,  after cutting, sewing right sides together with the serger, turning right side out, and a quick finish with some hand sewing, the tree skirt was all finished up!

Now the only problem is that I think our big tree needs a faux fur tree skirt and I don't have enough leftover fur to make one…. so maybe the hunt for some more faux fur has begun 😉

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