Right now… Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving cookies

loving // that the holidays are in full swing. I know it going to be a couple of crazy busy weeks, but it truly is one of the best times of the year!

finishing // planning out some of my gift and sewing plans for the next couple of weeks. I am a total over planner, but I need to figure out what and how much fabric I need for all of my to-make projects. The first few weeks of december are going to be a fabric filled, scissors cutting, sewing machine humming, steamer steaming, and projects being made. Then probably my favorite part the gift wrapping.

sewing // just finished up a drawstring bag, but other than that I am taking this week off, but I do plan to finish my "flag football" cowl this week.

drafting // a new pattern that will be released in mid-January, so keep your eyes out for that.

obsessing // over the one snowstorm we had! There is just something so magical about big fluffy snowflakes just floating down! I think it may be one of the most romantic things ever, just a thought!

wishing // that all the laundry was finished up, but I will probably still be working on that one tomorrow-lol

reading // my stack of magazines that I am a little behind on.

writing // out my blog editorial calendar for the month of December.

devouring // hot english breakfast tea in the afternoon.

baking // a ton, snacks, pies, cookies, caramel corn. I am on a baking high!

watching // Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, House of DVF, and of course the Fashion Fund!

creating // a mess in my kitchen with all the baking. It's going to need a deep cleaning šŸ˜‰

listening // to podcasts when I have time. I am really behind on some of my favorite ones.

dreaming // of having a really lovely Thanksgiving filled with loved ones!

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