Re-working My Wardrobe


This is probably my biggest goal for this upcoming year (my goals run November to November since that when my birthday is and it makes sense to me). Tomorrow, I will be sharing the rest of my goals for the upcoming year.

Here's my goal: a 70/30 handmade capsule (probably around 30-40 pieces) wardrobe for 2 seasons (autumn/winter & spring/summer). I am not included shoes, handbags or accessories.

Why: I have an ton of clothes, but I really only wear/like some of the garments. The amount of space that my clothes take up is quite a bit (I am pretty sure the boyfriend would like some of the dresser drawer space, too 😉 ). I also love to hold on to things… go figure. I want to streamline the closet, simplify, and really stick with quality/fit over quantity.

The Game Plan: (At the end of every month, I will post the game plan for the following month)

November- Go through the closet, drawers, under the bed, etc. and assess the items. I am going to purge what I doesn't fit, that I don't wear, or if I hate…. I am also considering using some of the worksheets from Colette Patterns Wardrobe Architect Series

Once the I am purged of some of the offending or ill-fitting garments it will be time to make a mood board for my fall/winter capsule. I already know that I am probably not going to make a ton for this autumn/winter so I am going to focus on a few must haves and then probably aim for pieces that can transition into the spring.

Find patterns to start filling in gaps. (most patterns will more than likely be from my stash, but I might find a few that I won't be able to live with out!).

What I hope to achieve with this goal: A more meaningful, personal and thoughtful wardrobe. I am hoping to use fabrics that I have hoarded stashed away as well as building an awesome wardrobe that I can be proud of! Plus, I think it will be a challenge to sew things to fill in the gaps in my closet.


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