A Wardrobe Update: Inspiration & a Closet Cleanout

Autumn winter clothing board

My Autumn & Winter Clothing board

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So, now that I have set my goals it was time to actually get to work on them and not let them fall by the wayside.  I chose to embark on the journey that led me straight to my closet first.

The goal: a 70/30 handmade capsule (probably around 30-40 pieces) wardrobe for 2 seasons (autumn/winter & spring/summer). I am not including shoes, handbags or accessories.

So, I attacked part of my Game Plan which you can find here. I went through every drawer and the closet and purged (I haven't made it through my accessories or handbags…yet!). Now, I only got rid of a large trash bag of clothes from this purge, mainly because at the beginning of the year I really cleaned out when I moved into my boyfriend's house. Once I purged, I sorted… All of my really spring/summer clothes are now living in a rubbermaid under our bed. Re-organized the closet and my drawers and already a there is a huge difference in the closet, mainly more space! 

The next thing I did was to head to my Pinterest board for Autumn & Winter clothing. I have been curating this board for over a year so I figured it would give me a pretty good idea of what I liked. I went through the board and deleted any pins that I didn't really love and then I began looking for trends among the pins.

Here's what I found:


  • Black
  • Camel
  • Plum
  • Red
  • Winter White


  • Leopard
  • Stripes
  • Plaid
  • Tribal


  • Leather
  • Wool
  • Flannel

Common Style Themes:

  • Flare or wide leg jeans
  • Leather coats
  • Long knee length coats
  • Cardigans
  • Bulky scarves
  • Knit hats with a big over-sized pom-pom
  • knee high boots
  • Leggings
  • Sleeved Maxi Dresses
  • Ankle boots
  • Pattern tights
  • Tunics
  • Over-sized sweaters
  • T-Shirt dresses
  • Button down shirts

My assessment of what I like compared to what I have:

Yeah, apparently what I envision my style to be like for the Autumn and Winter season is drastically different then what I purchase or what I make. Things I do have: leopard, knee high boots, patterned tights, knit hats with pom-poms, and cardigans. Things that are not in my closet: I have zero leather, zero plaid, zero sleeved maxi dresses, zero button down shirts, hardly any black, etc.

This is going to change. On the plus side my Pinterest board does really show a lot or pieces that work together which is great for making a capsule wardrobe. Now that I know what I am attracted to, it's time to start making these looks and styles work for me, my shape, size and fill my wardrobe with things I love. Next up on the agenda, deciding on the pieces I need to start making to fill in the gaps!


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