Right Now…October Love Edition


loving // how the weather seems to have taken on that "crisp" Autumn breeze and the neighborhood is a feast of color as the leaves are starting to change and fall to the still green lawn covered ground.

finishing // a few Halloween projects that I have been working on along with getting most of our frightening yet adorable Halloween decorations set up all over our home.

sewing // a few muslins of the new patterns. One is almost there and another is coming right along. I am also working on a few projects that are for an awesome holiday series coming in November on the blog!

drafting // the new patterns, I am just tweaking the first of three, the second is in it's first round of testing and the third will be drafted next week.

obsessing // how busy this month is going to be. I have to say I think that October is probably our busiest month of the year and I think if I blink I might miss it….

wishing // that I had X's birthday party already completely planned out, but I don't so this weekend I am going to have to make that list and get it tackled since is birthday is just a few short weeks away.

reading // blogs, magazines, and #girlboss on my nook.

writing // out project instructions like they are going out of style. I have lots of ruled paper filled with my crummy "short hand" handwriting and really quick sketches of important steps in the project.

devouring // more hot tea and craving hazelnut lattes fyi I do not like the pumpkin spice latte at all…

baking // peanut butter bites and who knows what else this week.

watching // Hallmark movies left and right, and yes I am completely amped that Christmas movies are starting on Halloween!!!

creating // a much better work schedule and work flow. This last week has really increased my productivity and makes me feel like I am moving ahead to reach my goals.

listening // podcasts in the car as I am doing drop offs and pretty much any driving around.

dreaming // about how awesome this month is going to be!

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