From the weekend, part two…

Pizza bean bag toss

So, we made it to spin 3 of the birthday party (you can find part one of the party adventure here) and X landed on the pizza which set us up for an epic game of "pizza topping" bean bag toss. My dad cut out the circle or the pizza and the three holes for the bean bags (in the picture on the right you can see they have rims, they are recessed lighting rims and were perfect for finishing the holes in the game board. My dad is always rocking these kind of crazy projects I request!) Before I started painting the "pizza" my dad sprayed on a paint of primer and then it was some Hallmark movies and Dateline while i worked on painting the pizza.

First, I lightly sketched the crust and the toppings. All the painting required 2 coats for the best look and I painted the cheese last. It went crust, sauce, toppings, cheese, and then outlined with black paint pen for detailing. I glued in the rims and then set to making the bean bags which I actually filled with popcorn kernels… Anyways, the bean bags are 3" x 3" muslin scraps (16 of them to make 8 finished bean bags), I used the same craft paint but added this Martha Stewart Tintable Fabric Medium (I followed the instructions for the medium) and painted on the toppings (2 of each). Once the toppings were dry, I outlined the toppings and heat set with the iron. My final step was adding SF101 fusible woven Pellon to the back of each muslin square to make them stronger, placed one plain and one topping wrong sides together and over-locked the 3 sides. I filled the bags and left enough room to over-lock along the top. The last thing I did was to add some fabric glue to the corners on each side of the bags so that the over-locked edges wouldn't come un-done.

It was time to spin the wheel again…. and we actually ended up on the Obstacle course which was perfect because the cake ended up being last!

Obstacle course 1

The first part of the obstacle course was to weave your way around the donuts (painted cardboard), go down the slide, then throw "onion rings" (yellow poster-board rings" into a basket, and then to make macaroni necklaces/bracelets.

Obstacle course 2

After that it was cake time! Probably my favorite part, however, out of all the cake, cupcakes, and candies the donuts were the most popular… which I think might be one of my go to party foods from now on 🙂

Cupcake 1

Birthday punch

Cupcake 2

And there you have it, another birthday party finished up and now I am onto figuring out some fun things to make for the week of Halloween!

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