From the weekend, part one…

  Pancake cake!

The main event was that the little man celebrated his birthday (along with his first flag football game). It was a busy weekend that came with a lot of prep for the big day! This year X chose "A Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" theme for his small party (I used the book and both movies as inspiration for the party). I thought it was a great theme for a party and went to town deciding on what we needed for the party. (My love of designing and throwing parties probably makes my family roll there eyes because they know it is going to involve all sorts of "I-need-this-built" projects that we just have to have at the party. Go big or go home… right!?

A secret pintrest board was created, it's the way I roll with parties! Pins were pinned. Ideas were written down. Lists were made. Inspiration was found in the most random of places and of course, food was the essential part of this plan. And yes, I started working on getting the ideas together for the party at the end of August…. yeah, I am that crazy mom, what can I say!

My first main idea was that the party was going to be "controlled" by the weather spinner….


I took a piece of gold poster-board, a paint sharpie, some scrap card stock, and a brad to make it. I just drew everything out in pencil went over it with the paint pen, cut an arrow out and punched a whole through the end of the arrow and stuck the brad through it and the middle of the circle.

There were 5 parts to the party:

  • The obstacle course (the donut)
  • The pinata (the taco)
  • The bean bag toss (the pizza)
  • Pin the olive on top of the Eiffel Tower (the Eiffel Tower)
  • Cake (the cupcake which came available after the 2nd spin) 

I loved the idea that the party would be sort of random and you really didn't know what was going to happen. It turned out that the kids loved it, too!

In our party the "Pin the Olive on the top of the Eiffel Tower" came up as the first activity:

  Pin the olive

I used a piece of foam core board, sketched out roughly the Eiffel Tower with the Sandwich on it (I googled a picture of the scene from the movie) and used craft paint to paint it. After it was dry I out lined everything with 2 different sized paint pens. For the banner along the top, I drew the middle part and two side pieces on white card stock, outlined with paint pen, and used some scrap card board and double stick tape to add dimension to the banner. For the olives (I totally forgot to take a photo of the olives…bad blogger!), I used some card stock I had in my stash and cut out a bunch of olive shaped green pieces and then cut out some red ovals, glued them to the top of the olive (green ovals), and finished them up by outlining them with the paint pens. (I outlined everything to make it consistent.) Then the game was ready to roll!

On the second spin they landed on the Taco Pinata!

Taco pinata

This is what the finished pinata looked like. I followed this awesome tutorial over on Studio DIY

I love the way it turned out and so did X! It also stayed together so that all the kids had a try at getting it to break, which was pretty awesome. Then it was off to the golden weather spinner once again….

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!

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