Allergies, Birthday Party Scheming, & The Annual Halloween Card Photo Shoot…

  Coffee & halloween

Wow, the last few days were filled to the brim with activities, costumes, birthday parties, with a giant side order of my sinuses fighting against me. This year has been one of the worst for me allergy wise and it sucks… big time! Some days are filled with migraines and sneezing while other days are congested and a big box of kleenex next to me. It's really put me behind on a few of my major goals for the season (work wise and personal wise as well) which is slightly, okay, super annoying, but it's life and I am rolling with it.

Last week, rocked in terms of birthday party madness! Both were art parties (totally my favorite) and has me so excited for X's party in a few weeks. I am in the process of designing the invites today now that I picked out a time (his first flag football game is the same day of his party so I have been in limbo with trying to nail down a time for the party, so it's game on now!). The to-do list for his party is growing by the minute which means lots of fun things for me to make, bake, and create. 🙂

Yesterday, was also the our annual Halloween card photo shoot! This year was probably the best shoot to date. The kids were both really into it (really that hardly ever happens), in fact when I said "I think we got it" the response was "NO! We have so more ideas!!!" How could I say no to that… so a few hundred photos later, I think we captured this year's Halloween costume's in perfect form. Now to edit and pare the images down for the cards along with a few that I am going to print to hang in the house with our Halloween decor.

Work wise the newsletter is going out later this week (sign up over in the side bar if you aren't already) peeks of new patterns along with a sneak peak of the Holiday series that will be going live in November. This week is going to be filled with sample sewing and instruction writing and hopefully, fingers crossed, at least one pattern heading out to pattern testers early next week.

It looks like it is going to be a very busy first full week of October and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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