Pumpkins and Designing, a Very Random Thursday


September is very quickly spilling over to October and I can't help, but wonder where this month went. I love seeing all the Autumn colors, pumpkins, the crisp air, scarves, and the trickling of Christmas goodies that are already arriving in the stores.

Today, I am buried under a pile of laundry, a to-do list a mile long, working on cranking out the patterns I am hoping to release in October (a mini-capsule collection) in between packing lunches and doing dishes, along with just working on sticking to my new work-flow/schedule/daily routine. The new schedule is doing wonders for my productivity and I am feeling like I am getting more accomplished this week than usual.

All that productivity has me conjuring up bigger plans/goals for kzjostudio for the next few months and the upcoming year which I am completely excited yet slightly nervous about but in a good way!

Autumn is my busy season, my favorite season, the one that moves way too quickly, but brings me so much joy. I know October isn't going to move any slower, it will in fact, probably seem to move even faster. Here's to the last few days of September and all the adventure that goes along with them.



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