Genavieve Sew-Along Day 9: Styling Ideas

My favorite wardrobe additions to transition your Genavieve from Summer into Autumn:

  • A chunky cardigan that hits at hip length
  • Throw on a warm and cozy scarf
  • Add some chunky jewelry
  • Or a great handbag in black or navy
  • Boots are a must! 

Here are some example outfits using each length of top along with all the links to products featured :) 


Tank style

Ankle Boots found at Kohls // Handbag found at Old Navy // Scarf found at Old Navy// Jeans  found at Gap // Blazer found at Gap // Ring found at Kohls


Tunic style

Boots found at Kohls// Leggings found at Kohls // Cardigan found at Gap // Scarf found at Gap // Watch found at Kohls //


Dress style

Handbag found at Kohls // Tights found at Old Navy // Ankle Boot found at Old Navy // Cardigan found at Gap // Necklace found at Kohls //

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