Genavieve Sew-Along Day 4: Back Yoke Style #1 and Attaching Back Bodice


After cutting out your Back Yoke Style #1, you will have one main piece and one lining piece. Lay the two pieces right sides together and pin around the neckline.


Make sure to mark a dot 1/2" down and in on each side of the shoulder piece.


Then pin your armholes. *Note: make sure that you are leaving your shoulders, sides, and bottom unpinned.

Sew around the armholes and neckline with a 1/2" seam allowance, making sure to start and stop 1/2" away from the shoulder piece.


Clip your seam allowance making sure not to cut through your threads. Turn yoke right side out and press well.


Place your back yoke right sides together with your back bodice along the top edge, pin, and then sew with a 1/2" seam allowance. Finish your raw edges. Press bodice seam allowance towards bodice.


Optional: top stitch along the bodice edge.

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