Genavieve Sew-Along Day 3: Cutting Out Your Pieces and a Few Tips on Reading the Instructions


It's time to start cutting out our pieces from our prepped fabrics!

A couple of tips for cutting you can use a rotary cutter with a mat or fabric scissors (keep a dedicated pair of scissors just for cutting fabric, they won't dull has fast). Let's start with our Front and Back Bodice which are both cut on fold.

Following the cutting layout diagrams in your instructions cut out the bodices.

Onto the Back Yoke Styles, Style #1 is cut 1 on fold and Style #2 and #3 are cut 2 (mirror image, you need to have a left and a right piece). These are the same cutting instructions for the Back Yoke lining. Set your pieces aside.

A few tips on reading the instructions

  • First read all the way through the instructions for the style you are making.
  • At the top of all the pages in the parentheses are helpful tips or what you will find on each page of the instructions.
  • The instructions use headers to organize the sections. If you are making Style #1 start there, if not head to the section with the correct Style #.
  • Once you finish the steps for the Back Yoke style you chose, it will tell you which section to head to next.
  • There is a glossary in the back for reference as well as tips and a place for notes.

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