Genavieve Sew-Along Day 2: Talking Fabrics, Prepping Fabric for Cutting, and Cutting out the Right Pattern Pieces


One of the best things about the Genavieve pattern is that fact that it will work with a lot of different fabrics.

First, let's look at some awesome options for the Back Yoke fabrics:


Each of the 3 samples above are utilizing different fabrics for the back yokes. From left to right: a medium weight denim, a chambray, and a corduroy. What to look for when choosing fabrics for the Back Yokes, fabrics that will hold there shape: denims, twills, pleathers, medium weight cottons, lace or lace overlay, etc. I would not recommend using a knit fabric for the yoke and keep in mind if your fabric for the yoke is fairly heavy/thick use a different fabric for the lining. For Back Yoke lining fabric you can use lining, woven cottons, shirtings, chambray, etc.

The samples above are also made out 3 different fabrics for the bodices. From left to right: shirting, voile, and chambray. For the bodices look for fabrics with some drape or a nice hand. Think shirtings, voiles, linens, knits, chambrays, etc.  

Cutting out the correct pattern pieces


After assembling your pattern, refer back to your notes on what size you determined that you will be making (for this sample in the sew along, I am make a small), and find the desired size on the size key of the pattern. Cut out the back yoke piece, front bodice, and back bodice out of the pattern following the determined size.

Prepping your fabric for cutting

I am a total pre-washer of most of my garment fabrics. Wash all of the fabric just as you would the finished garment and press well. This helps so you can see the amount of shrinkage (if any) the fabric will have and removes any of the starches, etc. from the fabric.

Tomorrow, we will start cutting out our pieces from the fabric!

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