Genavieve Sew-Along Day 1: Talking Styles, Sizing, and Printing Your Pattern


First off, let's figure out what style and length you want to sew up. The Genavieve comes with 3 different back yoke styles.

  • Style #1- the deep back v-neck, it is bra friendly and is a great one for prints, denims, or even laces. It is a really simple throw on and wear.
  • Style #2- the exposed zipper in a racer-back, this one is strapless bra friendly and is a great way to utilize a fashion zipper. This one makes for an edgier look.
  • Style #3- the button back offers the most coverage on the back along with being bra friendly and perfect for the into autumn transition time of year.

The 3 length options are all high to low hem and include:

  • Tank- slightly below your waistline and add a layering tank for a fun look.
  • Tunic- hits at hip level and is great to wear with leggings.
  • Dress- hits at just a few inches below mid-thigh in the front and can be paired with leggings in the fall and worn by itself in summer! 

Determining your size on the Genavieve pattern instructions. Start by measuring your bust, waist and hips and locating your measurements on the size chart (you can record them on the Measurement card section located on page 4 of the instructions). I like to highlight them in the size chart just make sure I am looking in the right columns as well.


A few things to note: if your falling in between sizes go with your bust measurement and if you are an A or B cup you should size down. All KZJO'STUDIO patterns are designed with a C cup. There is quite a bit of ease in the pattern through the waist and hips. Once you have determined your size you can also highlight the correct spaces in the yardage requirements for the correct length and style sections as well.


Printing the pattern pieces. To save ink and paper, look at the Printing Chart located in the Printing Instructions section of your instructions (page 5) and print the correct pages for the back yoke style and length you have decided on. Set your printed pages aside.

The tutorial for How to Assemble your KZJO'STUDIO pdf pattern will be in it's own post (up just shortly after this one) and will also be located under the Tutorial section for future references.


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