Studio Tools: Cover & Chain Machine


So now that I have had "Bernette" in my arsenal for almost a year, (I got her in November as a birthday present from my guy! Seriously, he knows the way to a girls heart, that's for sure!) I thought it was time to tell you how awesome she is most of the time… She has her picky moments but what lady doesn't?!

Alright, first up the PROS:

  • It's easy to where the thread goes due to the fact that the color coded markings are very easy to see.
  • One thing that really surprised me was the fact that it's isn't very noisy when your sewing, she is probably my quietest machine of the bunch.
  • I like how compact it is.
  • How professional the finish is and how fast I can accomplish those results.
  • That it is lightweight and easy to move around or transport if needed.

Now on to the CONS:

  • The looper thread doesn't always like to catch in when you are re-threading it.
  • Sometimes it doesn't like to release the thread when your done now matter when that you hand cranked the wheel 3/4 of a turn like the instructor and previous owner showed me. I think there just is a magic sweet spot.
  • She is really picky about her tension settings: I usually have to test several scraps to get the right look almost every time.

Note: I actually haven't had a need to use the chain-stitch feature on this machine only the cover-stitch which was the main reason I coveted this machine. 

Overall, I love this machine. It only had one previous owner and was well taken care of, plus got it locally so if I have any issues I can just give them a call. I am really glad that this was my first Bernina because when I decide to upgrade to a new machine they are on the top of my list for a regular sewing machine.

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