Right now… A Rainy Week Edition


loving // all of the rainy days, seriously my favorite! It makes me think of my time in San Francisco, plus I always am seem like I am in the best moods and get so much accomplished on a really good rainy day. The only thing that isn't so good about the rain this week is that for where I live it is causing a ton of flooding 🙁 Our town just wasn't built to handle this much rain!

finishing // the final adjustments for my pattern pieces for my first round of pattern testing and I only have 2 pages and 13 illustrations left for the pattern instructions. Yay!

sewing // this week not much, but I am hoping to fit in some cross stitching tonight, I need to get my Autumn sampler done even though I just barely started it! It is my fall goal to finish it up 🙂

drafting // the next couple of patterns for my line! I am planning a small collection to released in the fall.

obsessing // over Cedar Cove! I have read all the books and was so excited that there was going to be a show about it. It's now in it's second season and I am devouring all the episodes and can't wait for the next week's one to come out. I think I know what DVDs are going to be on my Christmas List 😉

wishing // that my phone would stop acting up, but I am patiently wait for the new iphone to come out….

reading // #GIRLBOSS addicted and already almost 1/3 of the way through in only 2 days!

writing // list after list after list. I am getting things crossed off and I have my eyes on a new day planner that will hopefully help me get ultra organized with everything in one place.

devouring // a lovely batch of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies, they have become a family favorite around here.

baking // the above cookies and loaded chili cheese fries last night. It was kiddo pick night for dinner and I have to say it was a hit and fast to make up.

watching // Real Housewives! I love them all!!!!

creating // a plan for redoing my tutorial page. It is way overdue for an overhaul. 

listening // a mix of things at the moment. I am hoping to get a couple new cds in the next couple of weeks.

dreaming // about an endless supplies of hazelnut lattes at the moment. I went through a little coffee withdrawal last week…

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