My Cup of Tea #14


*** A series where I share one of my favorite tools, recipes, moments, or something(s) that I am in love with at the moment.***

  • The beginning of 3 weeks of swim lessons, 2 weeks for each kiddo with a 1 week overlap. I love seeing how much more confidence and improvement they make with each lesson.
  • Autumn decor, I already have a project game plan for a few things I am going to make to add to my collection plus I have purchased a few more things for Halloween. I really can't wait to decorate but I am holding off until the end of August to put up all the fall stuff, so instead I have decided to add a bit of Back-to-School decor for the month of August.
  • Getting back into my daily tea habit with a cup in the morning and a cup or tea every evening. My favorites right now include: English Breakfast and Citrus Green Tea.

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