it's the first day of school here for one of our kiddos (the other has been in school since last week) and tomorrow marks the first day that both kids will be in school all day. This is going to be a big change around here. It's bittersweet. How I will miss their voices, laughter and goofiness all day long, but part me will love the time to really focus on work and be more present when they are home from school. I know that this year for both of them will be filled with so much learning, challenges, memory making, excitement, and lots of work in between all that.

It's a perfectly, lovely rainy day here. All the best things happen when it rains, I think anyways. It couldn't be more perfect for washing away the old routine and starting with a new beginning for the year. I can't wait to see what lies ahead… as long as it doesn't fly by like this summer has!

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