Getting back to the regular routine… sort of!?


Last week was busy, this week is busy, and it seems like the weeks after that will be busy, too. 

Last weekend was filled to the brim with celebrations, photos, and being part of one of my closet and longest friends beautiful wedding. It was stunning and I was lucky enough to get to be part of it! All the prep work, the decor, the yummy food, the girls bonding over such a special event, dancing, karaoke, and I lucked out and caught the bouquet! Such a splendid weekend.

Yesterday, was mostly a hang around day, but I did manage to get some stuff done (and I can't wait to share the canvas my mom got printed of one of my photos to hang in their living room, it rocks!), the first run through of pattern testing aka my mom checking everything over means I am getting ready to put a call out for a final round of testers! Today, the illustrations are getting finished up along with lots of behind the scenes stuff! All while getting that last minute things together for the new school year. Now, it's back to getting into the regular routine which is always a little bit difficult especially on a Monday.

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