Accessory DIY: Layering Necklace


Today, I thought I would share how to make this easy, yet effective necklace that is perfect for layering with other necklaces, or make a couple in different lengths and stack them up! These are also really quick to make and would be awesome as last minute gifts or even Christmas gifts for those of you who are into pre-planning!


Supplies Needed:

  • 1- 15"- 20" piece of chain
  • 4- Jump rings *I used silver, so you could see them, for a more seamless look purchase ones that match your chain
  • 1- Lobster Clasp with tag
  • 1- 2" Metal Eye Pin
  • Variety of beads *I used on ceramic and some rock beads
  • Assorted jewelry pliers


Step 1:

Take your eye pin and arrange your desired beads on the pin.

Step 2:

Take your wire cutting pliers, and trim eye pin down to 1/4" if needed. Using your round nose pliers place at the top of the eye pin.

Step 3:

Round the eye pin around the pliers creating the same eye as the other side of the eye pin.

Step 4:

Set finished eye pin with beads aside.


Step 5:

Take a jump ring and using two pliers twist it open slightly.

Step 6:

Hold on to the jump ring with one pliers and place your lobster clasp and one side of your chain to the ring.

Step 7:

Close your jump ring securing both the clasp and chain.

Step 8:

It will look like this once you have the jump ring secure.


Step 9:

Repeat steps 5 thru 7 with the other side of the chain and clasp tag. Your chain will now be a necklace.

Step 10:

Find the center of your chain. I placed mine on a dress form but you can easily measure to find the center.

Step 11:

Using your pliers take one piece of the chain off. It will make it open back up into strands. This is also a good time to check that you like the length of the necklace, adjust if necessary.

Step 12:

Take your pliers and another jump ring and add your chain and one side of your eye pin to the jump ring.


Step 13:

Repeat process with remaining jump ring and other side of the chain and eye pin. Once secured your ready to wear!


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