Yards to Inches Printable Conversion Charts for your Sewing Space


One of the more frequently used things that hangs in my studio is a little typed Yards to Inches Conversion Chart that I had made up in Pages years ago. I use it for helping with pattern making, making shopping lists, calculating yardage, etc. It's pinned to my design wall by my drafting table and as always been functional. However, a few weeks ago I got the random idea to add some of my illustrations to a newly typed up Conversion Chart so that it would be more of a functional art piece in my studio. Might as well have something pretty to look at while your working the day away 🙂

After making one up, I decided to make a few other versions with different illustrations to share with you! Each chart is 5 x 7 and perfect for framing or tacking up in your sewing space. Not only that each one comes with a little business card size one that you can keep in your purse, in your car, attach to a notebook, or pretty much where ever you want to stick it! Enjoy!


Pick one girl or all of them!

Download Catherine by kzjostudio

Download Avery by kzjostudio

Download Tula by kzjostudio

Download Jessica by kzjostudio


Just a quick note: All images are my own and I would love that you link back to this original post and not share the printable files. They are free for personal use only, Thanks everyone for your cooperation.


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