Right now… Mid-Summer Thoughts


loving // all the family time we have been having lately including some excellent family adventures along the way. Zoo trips, amusement parks, family dinners, and so much more have made the last week ultra exciting!

finishing // all my pattern pieces for my pattern have been graded, labeled, tiled, printed, and are ready for their first round of pattern testing!

sewing // a few cross stitch lovelies and prepping for a week full of sewing next week.

drafting // my to-do list for the next week. It looks full and ready to be tackled.

obsessing // over changing up my beauty routine, I am going to more than likely go the BareMinerals route. I already got new mascara from them and I love it!

wishing // that there was still more summer vacay left, however, I can't wait for Autumn to make it's appearance. I love seeing all the fall things pop up at Michael's and Jo-anns 🙂

reading // a summer novel and am about a quarter of the way through it and am determined to finish it up by the end of August.

writing // lots of lists, and making corrections on my pattern sheets.

devouring // cherry pie, cherry turnovers, basically it's cherry central over here.

baking // pies, turnovers, and a few other random things.

watching // Ladies of London, seriously love that show! Salem sad that the season finale already happened and it won't be back on until April.

creating // a few free downloads that will be available in a couple of weeks.

listening // lots of music during our road trips.

dreaming // a few fall projects that I think are going to have to be tackled this year!

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