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Lately, I have been attempting to simplify my iphone app usage. Mostly because I take an insane number of photos and videos and run out of storage space fairly quickly so I have to be on the constant take, icloud, edit, delete, make space type of routine. (I am fairly certain that next time I get get an iphone I am going for the 32GB, for sure!) Anyways, I thought I would share my favorite apps, the ones I seem to use everyday, or just plain awesome.

Social Media-

  • Instagram- hands down I use this almost daily and check my feed at least twice a day.
  • Facebook- I have a love/hate relationship with this one. I try to limit my personal facebook checking to a couple times a day or less. It's usually when I am bored, but I really need to step it up on my facebook page for my business (like me here if you haven't already)
  • Pinterest- I go through phases with this one but a couple times a week I like to browse through the pins on my phone, however, it seems to make my battery life go down pretty quickly. (


  • Candy Mania- hands down this is my favorite game, I like to play at least a couple of times a day when I take a quick break…. I am obsessed!!
  • Letterpress- another hands down winner, I usually play with my mom, but if you want to start up a game let me know!

The random ones that totally make me happy-

  • Evernote- I can't live with out this app! Seriously, all my lists in one place, notes, and all sorts of things. I also have it on my desktop and the syncing makes it a breeze to keep track of everything. The only thing that I wish would be tweaked is if on the to-do list function, when it's checked off that it moved to the bottom leaving the unchecked ones at the top.
  • Tone it up- so this app is pretty awesome, I am a TIU girl (kz in the community). I like how the app has the workouts, blog posts, access to the community, and they send really awesome messages. This program is something I am really working into my lifestyle. :) 
  • Starbucks- I heart Starbucks! I love that the app keeps track of my gift cards and now my gold card!!! Another awesome thing is how easy it is to transfer or reload balances plus if you forget your card you just need your phone!
  • ABM & Party! Party!- I love using the A Beautiful Mess app for making photo collages and adding some doodles to them as well. Their latest release Party! Party! I just started playing with and am in love if only I could get my subjects to be as stoked about it!?
  • Coupon Sherpa- I use this app at least a couple times a week especially for Joanns or Michael's. It's easy and they just can scan the phone at the register.

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