I Sewed It, Now What!?


A few weeks ago I came across the Reversible Box Tote pattern from Very Shannon while catching up on my blog reading (she has an awesome blog and if you aren't following it, I really don't know why you aren't?!). It's a really awesome free pattern (Thanks, Shannon!) that I thought would be perfect for keeping stuff that I need to take from my house to my studio and vice-versa. I actually ended up making two of these at once (one was for my mom, lucky lady I know 😉 ).

This is an awesome pattern and the instructions very clear along with clear illustrations. I made only one change to the pattern which was on the inside pocket. I measured 2" in from the left edge to and sewed a line to create a narrow pocket for holding pens. Overall, it was a really fast sew and I used up some more of my stash (always a plus). The only change that I would consider making would be adding some chipboard to the bottom of the bag to make the bottom a little bit sturdier since my bag will be doing a lot of traveling across town and back.

**As always, the views and opinions in this review are my own**


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