Goals for 30 & Crafty Goals Check In!


I can't believe I am on the down hill slide of my goals! (I set my goals when it's my birthday, so they run November to November). One thing I did when I set my goals for 30 was to pick goals that were a whole year goal or just something to get better at. Here's a little break down of where I feel like I am at with the goals:

  • Whole Foods- Ok, I have made some progress on this but I decided that in August I am going to challenge myself to to the #Whole30 for the entire month. What I have been good at is cutting out quite a bit of dairy and have been making lots of things from scratch and having less processed food, but I could do better.
  • Move More- I go through phases with this one, but I am going to commit to yoga every single day! Whether for 10 minutes or an hour, I am going to make it part of my routine, so it will become a habit.
  • Make More- this I really have been accomplishing, but I feel like you can't really cross it off until the end since I am doing tons of making and don't want to stop. šŸ™‚
  • Make New Family Traditions- Again this is another one that isn't really a cross of the list kind of thing. This year we have made quite a few new traditions (weekly boys and girls night, pizza nights, our quarterly/seasonal bucket lists, etc.) I love the process of making these traditions and knowing that these are memories that will last a lifetime with the kiddos.
  • Live in the Moments- I know this is something that can't really be crossed off as well, but I am trying to make a consistent effort to be present in the moments, not just taking photos or playing on my phone or checking instagram. Even though it's part of my daily life and a major part of my business, I am trying to keep my technology level a little bit lower. Some of the ways I am doing this is to have Office Hours for work and putting the phone up in the evenings (still working on this one), reading instead of checking social media before bed, and making goals of just spending time with my loved ones in the evenings.

Now onto my crafty goals!

  • Knit 1 pair of socks- I am debating on a pattern, but I have yarn and really need to get to work on it!
  • Project life- My album is an ongoing project. I have lots of sticky notes with what goes on each page along with papers picked out and cut. I have lots of photos to print and lots of things to write. I plan on taking a weekend to just work on it and get caught up as much as possible. One thing is that I really love the direction it is taking and using lots of my scrapbooking supplies that have been tucked away!
  • Knit 2 hats- really I have only 1 more to go and it is about a third of the way done.
  • Make 2 mini quilts- I should have made this goal table runners because that I something I have made a couple of this past year, but I have hope that I can get this one crossed off as well.
  • Paint new artwork- This is more than likely going to happen next weekend with the kiddos. It is on our Summer Bucket List and I have some new watercolors and artboards we are going to use for our paintings šŸ™‚


I am going to have to hustle to get some more of these crossed off!


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