Right now… Monday Morning Edition


loving // the quiet mornings where I am managing to crank out a little more work than usual.

finishing // my business cards and getting them printed off today… finally!

sewing // 2 non-business related projects are on the list and I am going to hopefully start drafting another pattern while my first one enters the testing process later this week.

drafting // a list of projects for the kiddos and me to tackle, they are going to be crafty projects for sure!

obsessing // over editing a large group of photos (it has been on my to-do list for over a month, all the rough edits are finished) and getting the cds, burned and mailed out by the end of the week. It's going to get off my to-do list!

wishing // I had some more 4th of July decor, so I am busy trying to make a few more in the meantime in hopes of getting a little collection started.

reading // women's health and sunset.

writing // pattern descriptions, instructions, and re-working my pattern template to reflect my branding nicely 🙂

devouring // fruit salad like there's no tomorrow… good thing I accidentally made a huge bowl filled to the brim ;) 

baking // banana bread is on the agenda for today!

watching // 48 hours and Dateline, they are two of my favorite shows.

creating // some new family recipes.

listening // podcasts while working at my computer.

dreaming // about how soon my pattern will be out into the world!

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