My Cup of Tea #8


*** A series where I share one of my favorite tools, recipes, moments, or something(s) that I am in love with at the moment.***

  • I am loving the warmer weather and the couple days a week t-ball games and swimming madness! It has provided the perfect opportunity to use one of my favorite bags that I have made. It's the Cosmo bag from Amy Butler's Style Stitches and fabric by Tula Pink (the Prince Charming collection). For one it's a huge bag, great for fitting towels, my camera, books, sunscreen, you name it!
  • Playing with some vinyl using my ancient cricut… I really would love the new one or else a silhouette machine! I just can't decide which would be more awesome to have, I think I am sort of leaning towards a silhouette cameo though. I guess one of them will going to be going on my Christmas list once I decide which will be best for me 😉
  • The Evernote and Sunrise apps! I love that they now sync together and I am really using Evernote to keep on top of my to-do lists and organize inspiration that I gather throughout the day on my social media apps.

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