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lots of various works in progress! Even though lots of sewing has been happening behind the scenes for awhile now (mostly garment pattern testing and sample sewing), I have had a few other projects sneak onto my cutting table, plus I am really trying to tackle my huge stack of WIPs I have had tucked away for a long time as one of my goals this year.

First up is something that wasn't actually a WIP, but my mom and I came up a really cool idea for a gift for her friend who was retiring this year. (she is a librarian, seriously such an awesome job!) Anyways, I drew out an idea for a table runner, whipped up all the measurements to make it work, and my mom and I went to it…


It's a floating book shelf filled with books, pretty much awesome! Since this was a collaboration of sorts, we split up the work. I cut and did most of the sewing (my mom totally rocked it at finishing up the binding) and my mom came up with the list of books to add to the books to make them look more real. Using some alphabet stamps I had stashed away, she ordered some a fabric ink stamp pad (by the way now we have lots of ink, I told her we are going to have to stamp a lot more things-lol), and set to work. **She stamped the titles before I sewed anything together which made it a ton easy, but I did have all the pieces cut out.


For the quilting I kept it really simple and used a ton of decorative stitches on my machine (that I hardly ever use) for the spines. It was a fun project and came together really quickly once you got rolling on it.

For the books, we had purchased a variety of fat quarters which meant we had quite a bit leftover of each color. When I was busy cutting out the pieces for the books, I had a light bulb of an idea… An american flag tied wreath! I am love 4th of July like nobody's business and I was just thinking how I should have more Americana decor for the month of July. So once the table runner was finished this started…



I cut all the extra blue, red and tan fabric into 1" strips cut them in half, (I actually had exactly enough fabric to make two of these, so one for my mom and one for me) grabbed a couple of embroidery hoops I picked up from the thrift store that had been sitting around in my studio, and got to work tying. For the blue, I tied the fabric just on the upper left quarter of the hoop and then alternated 3 red pieces and 3 tan pieces around the rest of the way. This was a really fast project, too. Now, I am just on the hunt for some wooden stars to add to the wreaths and they will be ready to go.

Another WIP I had going was a new table runner for our living room that I thought would match our decor a little better then the one I had already made (don't worry I already found an awesome place for it). In my stash of quilting fabrics and bundles, I found a few charm squares leftover from another project and whipped them up into this top:


The top has been sitting around the studio for a few weeks, so on Saturday morning I found some backing fabric and did some really simple straight line quilting. I decided to keep it pretty minimal in the quilting department because I don't plan on having to wash it a ton. Today, I am hoping to get the binding on (it's a charcoal gray) and get it finished up later this week.

The best part for most of these projects is the fact that I already had all (or most) of the supplies in my stash. I love when that happens and I can make room for new goodies!

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