Right now… it’s filled with projects!


loving // this quote! It is exactly how I am feeling at the moment. The more projects I am coming up with, working on, and finishing up the more creative I feel.

finishing // the third test sample for the Genavieve tank pattern. I am getting so close to the finish line 🙂

sewing // a ton more, finishing samples, made a pair of underwear, and this week I am tackling the kiddos clothes. Making pants into shorts and mending a few things.

drafting // up a huge, very detailed to do list.

obsessing // these warmer days especially when they have lots of dark gray clouds but it's still warm out.

wishing // that the I didn't run out of sugar, I was really looking forward to banana chocolate chip muffins this morning.

reading // the June/July issue of Threads and the June issue of Sunset.

writing // pattern instructions like crazy.

devouring // lots of hot tea at night. It's still probably my favorite part of my nightly routine.

baking // chocolate shortbread cookies (the recipe is in the June Martha Stewart Living) 

watching // Mr. Selfridge…. Seriously I love that show!! I can't believe that season 2 is already over.

creating // a few more fun projects to organize and decorate our home.

listening // to the radio!

dreaming // of all the fun family adventures that are going to happen this summer!

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