My Cup of Tea #5


or actually make that coffee! I have been in coffee mode for a few weeks now expect for ice tea in the afternoons and hot tea in the evenings. At home I love drinking my coffee black (I pretty much always have) and I am thinking about stepping up my coffee game and trying out a Chemex coffee brewing system. It's still an idea I am thinking about (if you have any awesome coffee ideas or favorite brewers or drinks, I would love to hear about it!). Maybe better coffee will equal out to less all day coffee drinking well at least into the afternoon. It's an idea 😉 Otherwise when I go to coffee shops I am totally that person with a crazy-long-make-it-exactly-this-way kind of gal. It might be a little annoying, but hey I know what I want and if I am paying $5 for it, it should be pretty amazing right!?

Since I have been busy working on typing up pattern instructions, grading, and getting the Genavieve pattern ready for pattern testers. I have mostly been hanging out on the computer and drinking the insane amount of coffee to keep me productive. Alright back to work I go with a cup of coffee in hand….

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