My favorite Cross Stitching tools!


Here's what I love using:  (Most of the tools I have been using since starting the hobby, but there are a few new additions!)

thread storage // so i use a broken bobbin holder box to hold my current projects colors, otherwise I store them in a plastic bag if the are for projects. Once I am finished with a project I add them to my floss organizer

needle threader // okay so this might be a totally frivolous purchase, but I love it! Most of the time I am working on my projects in the evening and this is so much easier and quicker to get my needle threaded! It's totally an unnecessary thing, but it makes me so happy! I even got my mom one 🙂

thread heaven // so I am on the fence on this one… most of the time I love it! However sometimes I think that it makes my floss tangle more.

Scissors // I love these little scissors that I snagged from my mom… they are sharp and work great!

Magnet // so I made my own little needle minder, but any magnet will work. I use it to hold my needle when changing thread or anytime my needle is just going to be laying around. This way I don't lose it in the carpet.

Thimble // This is my latest addition to my cross stitching tool stash. I chose a leather thimble and made it a little smaller. I am completely sold on this one! Most of the time I forget I even have it one and it works great protecting my finger from getting super sore.



cross stitching frame // I love, love, love this!! It has really made me start getting to finish up projects. For me this was the perfect solution. I enjoy how it keeps it all flat, is adjustable and lets me keep going with out have to move a hoop a whole bunch of times. It is just a more comfortable way for me to work on my projects. In this photo I am using it at the half way mark. This project was a little too small to go the whole length of the frame, but it still works great!


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