Long over due handbags…


These handbags were long overdue gifts (and there still needs to be one more made!) This is a pattern from the Amy Butler book Style Stitches. Getting these two put together was definitely a large task. Luckily, mom helped me out with getting these two finished up. 


We decided to change up the pattern a little bit with the dividers (we only made one and didn't attach it). I really like how it turned out, the divider is more of a mini clutch, which I really like. These bags are really a challenge in a few of the construction techniques. They also take quite a bit of time to cut out and prep for sewing, but again it is worth it for the cute factor of this bag.


Some of my favorite details on the bags include the edge stitching (I am always a sucker for some awesome edge stitching!), the magnetic snaps, and the awesome decorative buttons on the outside!


Now that these two bags are done and once that third one is finished up, I probably won't be tackling this pattern again (at least for sometime). I love how they turned out in the end though, which is really all that matters!

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