Checking in with my Crafty Goals for 2014!


I actually have been making some progress on my Crafty goals! Even though I seem on the slow side of things, I am making headway on them.

I am have it narrowed down to 3 different patterns for socks, I just need to make up my mind and pick one.

My project life really just needs to have some photos printed. Layouts are coming together, papers are being picked from my stash, and I have a current order of what needs to be done. Post it notes on all my page protectors, which are keeping me on track of what goes where.

I actually finished one cross-stitching project. The stitched onesies, got started and completed in just a few weeks time. I am almost finished with my Halloween sampler (seriously just about half of the border and it will be done!), then I will tackle finishing my Winter sampler which is about a third of the way done.

When making baby gifts, I knitted up one hat so I only need to finish up the other hat that is sitting on my knitting needles. I am thinking next week I will knock that one off the list!

The mini quilts are the only goal, I haven't put much effort into but I have a small inspiration folder filled with a few ideas.

In fact last week I picked up some canvases and some new watercolors! I am ready to make some paintings to add to our home 🙂 Plus, I am going to have the kiddos make some, too! I am a total sucker for family craft time.

How are your crafty goals for the year going?

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