At the moment, this is what’s on my nightstand…


or am currently reading, devouring, or getting inspiration from!

  • Martha Stewart Living // I have always been a big fan and this month issue, I have marked quite a few things that I would love to try!
  • Sunset // I am a newer reader to this magazine, but I am obsessed, I can't wait to get the new issue and I just subscribed.
  • Country Living // I am back to loving this magazine, I go through phases with it, but I already made one recipe from the April issue (Brioche rolls, yummy!) and now I am back to being obsessed!
  • Yoga Journal // I love, love, love this magazine! I read every issue and love doing the home practices 🙂
  • Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood // ok, I total fell in love with her show and quickly started making quite a few of her recipes, my pal, gifted me this cookbook for a christmas present and I already have a list of what is going to be made from there stat like!
  • Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day // the pal gifted me this one as well. Confession time: I have probably looked at this book for at least the last 3 years! I have always coveted it and just never bought it. I have already read it and am truly inspired. Next week will begin my journey in utilizing this book. I am really looking forward to making baguette and flat breads. Baking is always so peaceful to me and this is going to be an awesome along with hopefully tasty adventure!
  • my pocket nook! // I have several novels on there and for some reason I can just devour them! I love finding awesome books for $1.99 along with that I have found some new authors that I have to say are now some of my favorite!



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