An array of completed and totally random projects

Lately, I have been completing all sorts of projects. It seems like I am on project overdrive and the list of things I want to make keeps growing. I figure as long as some get crossed off, it is fair to add a ton more. Here's some of the things that got finished up!


A $20 find that the boyfriend awesomely turned into this little gem! It is one of my favorite pieces in our home right now. He spent one afternoon, spray painting (it is a hammered bronze) and re-staining the top. It fits perfectly under the clock and now holds our fruit bowl, the family recipe book, a plant will be going in the basket, the dutch oven, and mixing bowls!


I finished up this pillow with some blocks that were made for me through quilt guild. I think that they were sitting on my design wall for a year. I love how the pillow adorns our bed. I am amassing a small collection of homemade pillows for our bed 🙂


I made this little random place mat for under my keyboard.


I also finished another pair of lounge pants for S! One of the best things is my cover stitch machine, it is a breeze to finish the hems. Now I suppose it's almost time to get started on making some lounge shorts for summer for both X and S.


An arrangement that hangs above the art gallery wall. It is very springy and I might even keep it up through the summer. All the flowers are from Michael's.


When I checked out our local thrift stores to see if I could find any hidden gems, I found some plastic plates that I knew that I could make into a cupcake stand. The two wooden candlesticks were from Michael's. I used some E6000 to glue them together and then the boyfriend worked his magic with some silver spray paint. It worked great for the party and I can't wait to use it many more times.



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