A Snowy Monday Morning…


the snow is just starting to stick to the ground with the little flurries swirling about outside. This morning I am working on tackling my plan for the week. Keeping on track and organized with my to-do list/goals/projects is one of my big goals for this month.

Somehow my to-do list for the week has really grown and I have realized I am going to have to start really editing the projects or tasks that I am taking on. For one thing this week I have several projects to finish up (large sewing ones), along with planning a valentine's party, finishing up this year's valentine's card, and probably about another fifty random things.

I always feel like February is a month that comes and goes so quickly (not just because it is a really short month), but because it always seems like I take on too many things all at once. My saying "yes" all the time or most of the time is something that I am realizing I need to work on. I need to start making sure that I my "yeses" are lining up with my goals and main priorities. Then I can start adding in some of the fun extra projects as long as they don't come at a cost of the main goals.

February, you are going to be filled with lots of exciting moments, projects crossed off, some major sewing accomplished, lots of designing will be done, and lots of fun times with family.

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