A Little Valentine’s Celebration


We already did our little Valentine's thing at house. One thing is for sure, I really have love "LOVE" day! The kids were busy making some Valentine's and boxes to collect all their cards.


I baked the cake: this year it was strawberry with chocolate fudge icing. Everyone enjoyed that!


This year I set out to create a special yet simple evening. It was our first Valentine's day coming together as a family (since the little guy and I moved in). I love making and continuing on traditions each year. The staples of my Valentine's day with X has always included: a heart shaped cake, balloons, and books. These were all continued on this year plus a little bit of candy and some more fun things were thrown into the mix. Even my amazing boyfriend surprised me with some treats for my Keurig!

For an after school treat, I dipped some strawberries in chocolate!


After a French Bistro inspired dinner it was fun to just relax (I even found a bistro station on iTunes to really set the mood along with some Frank Sinatra!) and hang out with the kiddos! It turned out to be a wonderful early "LOVE" day celebration!

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