Right now…


– big changes have been made (hence the lack of blogging around these parts for the last week or so), all of my energy has been put into moving! It's a big change and one that I truly couldn't be more excited about along with now living with the love of my life (yes, insert all sorts of romantic gagging there).

– All the packing, sorting, purging, unpacking, putting away… is so completely worth it!

– lots of coffee and tea in abundance around here (also, realizing I have a huge mug collection)

– making working out part of my daily routine

– enjoying lots of basketball with the little man

– baking and cooking a ton more, creating a few new recipes that I am obsessed with making again and again.

– plotting and prepping for this year's valentine card photo shoot

– working on the "product development" phase of my business 🙂

– wondering why the weather is so crazy, I am still crazy lots of winter moments and at least we have had a few cold days with grey clouds

– I am already decorating for Valentine's day and as usual am completely obsessed with this hallmark holiday

Now that a new huge chapter of my life is underway and I couldn't be more excited to take this journey. Anyways, now that I am back up and running on the internet land, I am busy playing a little catch up and getting back into the groove of things.

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