My one little word for 2014


according to the dictionary, here's what we are working with…

strong and barely controllable emotion: a man of impetuous passion.
• a state or outburst of strong emotion: oratory in which he gradually works himself up into a passion.
• intense sexual love: their all-consuming passion for each other | she nurses a passion for Thomas.
• an intense desire or enthusiasm for something: the English have a passion for gardens.
• a thing arousing enthusiasm: modern furniture is a particular passion of Bill's.

2 (the Passion)the suffering and death of Jesus: meditations on the Passion of Christ.
• a narrative of the Passion from any of the Gospels.
• a musical setting of any of the narratives of the Passion: an aria from Bach's St. Matthew Passion.

ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French, from late Latin passio(n-) (chiefly a term in Christian theology), from Latin pati ‘suffer.’

So, I went with a pretty intense word for this year. It just feels right. My goal is to incorporate it into many areas of my everyday life including my relationships, career, and home life. Part of my goal is just living passionately, experiencing things to the fullest, and loving all parts of my life.

I mean really putting my heart into what I am doing, saying, giving, creating, caring, and loving. Whether I am decorating my home or cooking dinner for my family or designing a new pattern, I want to be engaged with the process. I want to love the beginning as much as the end and everything that comes in between.

Rediscovering things that I used to be passionate about that I have let fall by the wayside (like baking, painting, designing clothing, illustrating, etc.) I am going to make time for in my schedule. Maybe some of the things that I used to be passionate about, I will feel differently towards at this point, but I want to give things a chance. This will also hopefully lead me to discovering new things to become passionate about whatever they may be.

I think staying true to myself and giving my time to what matters along with learning to set limits and realize that not everything works for me or fits with the goals I have for this year.  Setting boundaries and working towards my goals with an intention that I am cultivating a passionate life.

Here's to the beginning of a new year, new adventure, and a 365 day journey!


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