My love of a quick gift and tutorial!


You might recognize these earrings, I made some for my mom and S for Christmas gifts with the help of X! They were quick to make (the only hard part is waiting overnight for the glue to dry) and used up some scraps in my stash!

Let's make some new earrings to either give or maybe… keep! Sometimes they are a little hard to part with… First, gather your materials:



Using the marking pen (heck, for some of them I just used a fine point sharpie or what ever kind of pen I had lying around at the moment. You won't see the lines anyways when they are done.) trace the template (it is on the back of the box that the 1/2" buttons came in– you can also just follow the manufacturer's instructions for covering the button 🙂 Make sure you trace two on to the wrong side of your fabric. Then cut them out.


1— Center your button on your fabric (your looking at the rounded part/actual button part) and then center over the bottom part of the button covering guy.

2— Once you have it centered, which I find can be a little tricky…

3— Push your button down (I like to press with my finger to get it going)

4— Then using the blue pushing tool, I make sure to fold over all the edges and get it super squished.

Once again read through the manufacturer's instructions if it is confusing 🙂


5— Place the button backing on top of your button

6— Using the tool push the backing on to the button. It will sort of pop into place then you know that you have it attached!

7— Pop the button out of the bottom part of the covering part and repeat process to make another one.  *** Tip: if you are making quite a few pairs, I would get them all covered first and then head on to step 8

8— Bend the shank of the button to one side. It will be a little hard to bend but it will, try and get it as flush as you can with the button. It just makes it easier to glue together.


 9— Grab your glue and earring posts along with your newly covered buttons

10— Fill the back of the buttons with the glue.

11— Again if you are making a few pairs add your glue to them all at once.

12— Add your earring posts to the back and let dry overnight.


For giving them away, a fun way to keep them together and have a neat presentation is to make earring cards. Cut out any shape of paper (try different colors or patterned paper along with shapes like hearts, tags, diamonds, etc). For these, I just used solid paper and drew a few lines with sharpie around the edges. Use a needle to poke holes for the earring posts to go through, attach earring backs, and your all set!



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